Member and Guest Orientation:

On the first and third Wednesdays and Saturdays the Club presents an orientation program, required for all members, guests, and any members of the public wishing to use the shooting range. The program will begin at 8 am sharp and last about an hour. This will occur prior to any shooting on those days. Programs are at the rifle range. The RSO also gives the program at 6 pm, prior to the monthly meeting on the first Monday each month at the Sunset Café. This is mandatory and must be completed prior to issuance of new or renewed membership cards.


Public Shooting Hours:

The rifle range will open for public shooting on the first and third Wednesday and Saturday each month. All public shooters must attend an orientation program at 8 am and the range will open for shooting from 9 am to 1 pm. Eye and ear protection is required.

Next meeting: November 4th, 7 PM at the Sunset Café in Cle Elum. Orientation at 6 PM before the meeting.


Cascade Field and Stream “Speed Steel Challenge #2” – October 12th at 9:00AM-3:00PM

Hey everyone,

Time for another pistol event at the range. This time we have an added bonus. Club member “M.D” has offered to do a free for members, hour long pistol training before the event. “M.D” has many years in Law Enforcement, Military, and being a firearms instructor.

I will be hosting a “speed steel challenge” at the range October 12th. The pistol range will be RESERVED for this event. If everything goes well, and there is an OK turnout, I will try to host more small competitive events. This event is for FUN, and will not have any cash payout. Now, for the basics.

Where- This event will be held in the pistol range from 9:00am to 3:00pm. The rest of the range will be open to the members.

When- Saturday October 12th from 9:00AM-3:00PM. Safety brief and rules will be at 9:00am. If you wish to attend, please do not be late.

Who- This will be for MEMBERS only, no guests. Also, no minors. 18+ only please. There will not be a RSVP for this event. I am just hoping we have between 5-20 people.

What to bring- REQUIREMENTS

-This is a HANDGUN only event. Please do not bring PCCs (pistol caliber carbines OR braced pistols) Bring a pistol that has enough energy to KNOCK down targets. 22LR will not work.

-EYE and EAR protection is a must.

-Outside the waistband holster that covers the trigger area and safely holds/retains the firearm.

– A good attitude.


– This is a timed event. Some courses of fire may require a mag change. I would recommend you have mag holders on your belt, or be able to put a mag in your pocket.

– Appropriate clothing for the weather.

– Food, snacks, water

– Enough ammo. I would not bring less than 200 rds.

If you are interested in going, please take the time to read through this, “” , we will be following this very close. Not exactly, but close.

If you wish to attend to just help with scoring, painting, resetting targets, etc, that would be great. I could use the help.

Brad Coffey


email, if you have any further questions