Final duty for the State RCO Grant.
President Brad Coffey grilling the burgers.
Ready for the garage door on the new meeting room/storage facility

2019 Kid’s Fishing Derby at Lavender Lake
The Heyer boys get hugs from Smokey Bear
Club Secretary Cindy Rogers with 2019 Fishing derby prizes
8 rifle shooting benches

Overview from Archery range berm


Overview from rifle range berm

Framing up the front of the new “multi-purpose room


Nicely finished floor inside


New backstops at 300 and 400 yard targets


Challenge targets at the 300 yard



Rifle Racks built by Doug and Larry – Aug 2018




NFA (Nat’l Firearms Act) Sunday hosted by Board Member Brad Coffey, Aug. 2018.


Club Director Brad Coffey takes aim on NFA Sunday


rifle shed with ADA parking


Pistol shed with ADA parking


Pistol range with ADA ramp and pathway


Safety Baffle Crew: Back: Brad Coffey, Dan Pensula, Rick Vaughn, Brad Rorem Front: Larry Haywood (VP), Randy Fischer, Bill Loder


Baffles designed to keep projectiles down on the target range



From shooting benches – No Blue Sky


From berm looking downrange toward 225 yd targets



2018 Banquet – Sold Out Crowd




New sliding doors on the pistol sheds


Pistol Range is now accessible


Steve Houle and crew move mud after cement truck sinks.



Finish work at the archery sheds

Newly installed sound muffling tiles inside rifle shed


Range Safety Officer, Doug Sargent, is installing a “cease fire” warning system for the rifle shed, Aug. 2017



Ed, Ward, and Mark moving sand


Mark, Steve, Larry, and Jim on Pistol range berm


New benches at shooting tables – June 2017


Lead Instructor Trevin Roletto describes use of a shotgun

        Jerry, Dan, and WDFW Crew dealing with Milfoil at Lavender Lake prior to 2017 Kid’s Fishing Derby

Joe, Steve N, Steve R, and Mark at 2017 banquet


Chef Frank prepares a feast for the 2017 banquet

    2017 Banquet/auction at the Putnam Centennial Center

The big catch of the day at Lavender Lake






Bitterbrush planting crew, Sept 2016. Trying to reestablish deer habitat after the Taylor Bridge Fire.




Dick Wolf moving dirt


2015 Infamous Flare Gun Fire


Fishing Derby Fun


Past President Duane Fluent and Past Secretary Steve Tyler. Both gone but not forgotten.


(top) Secretary Cindy Rogers and Treasurer Rita Thurston ready for the banquet. (Bottom) The Essman and Cruse families ready to eat!.


Upper Kittitas County Fish & Wildlife Officer Corey Peterson addresses Hunter Education class at the range.


Club President and Hunter Ed Instructor Mark Bennett explains handgun safety.


New resident at the end of the rifle range.