July 2015 Newsletter

RANGE: Work party this Saturday, July 11th. We decided to start at 7 am to beat some of the heat. There are plenty of projects and the more “workers” the quicker it goes. We had a load of sand brought in this morning and we’ll be moving some of it for the backstops, spreading more gravel, weed eating and mowing, planting a new tri-pod target at the 300 yard spot, and general clean up. After work we will hold the first “Mike Cox Potluck/BBQ”, since it was his idea. Burgers n dogs and whatever members may bring for sides, like salads and desserts. (I’m bringing a pot of baked beans). We’ll have coffee and water – remember, no alcohol allowed at the range. After lunch we can have a .22 rifle “fun shoot” – open sights only. BYO.22. Winner takes pot.

For the work party bring gloves and a hat (sun), a shovel and/or rake. We will have some water but bring plenty for yourself. Maybe a few could bring a wheelbarrow. I’ll have a generator if we need to drill anything (and for coffee).

We did get word that the RCO (State) will give final approval for grants this month. A little birdie, who happens to be on the Board, said the money is there and we will surely get what we asked for. As soon as that happens we will start planning and working on the improvements (pathways, parking pads, covered shooting stations).

WEBSITE: It’s up and running. Go to: www.cascadefieldandstream.com – It is pretty bare bones so far and the pictures at this time have nothing to do with the Field & Stream Club. There is a Contact Page where people can send a message/ask questions. It will go via Gmail to me at steve@cascadefieldandstream.com – I will monitor that on a daily basis, unless I go fishing, and I ask that no jokes, stories, etc. go on there. Also, we will be updating our Facebook page soon.

MISC: The next Hunter Education class starts on July 20th and the range will be closed Saturday 25th from 8 am to about 2 pm. If there are any parents interested in becoming an instructor please get ahold of our Chief Instructor, Trevin Roletto at 253-569-1008 in South Cle Elum, or Aaron Garcia in Yakima at 509-575-2740. Sign up for classes on-line at: www.wdfw.wa.gov/hunting/hunter education.

Future range closures: August 22nd, 8 to 2 for Hunter Education class
August 29th, 9 am to noon for 4-H .22 shoot (rifle range only)

We know the gate lock system is a major pain. We are discussing alternatives, including solar. Be patient. Remember, when re-locking the lock be sure to spin the numbers so the combo is not still showing.

For sale: Bill Loder has a rubberized rifle stock for a Winchester Model 70 Long case rifle. It is brand new and he only wants $25. Reply to me here or via the contact page on the website, and I’ll get you together with Bill.


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Steve Rogers, V.P.

June 2015 Newsletter

Editor’s note: Sorry for delay – been to Yellerstone Park. All relaxed now, ready to work again? Steve

RANGE: Not much new news to report. Club member Eric Reynolds did some dirt and gravel work at the range for us. The target committee is having meetings to decide the best approach for future target systems. Rick Vaughn and his building committee are in the midst of planning the roof extension to cover and enclose the generator and propane tank. Chris Cruse and Engineer Trevin Roletto are working on the grading permit that we need before the Operating Engineers can come out and do the big dirt work project. And, July is fast approaching – we will need to start planning for using our grant dollars to build covered shooting stations and parking pads/pathways.

Website: Still in progress. Our new webhost, Calvin Tang, and our website artist, Tom Saffle, are up to their ears in alligators right now but are working on it. The site will be: www.cascadefieldandstream.com

FISHING DERBY: I missed the derby but heard it went well. Mark and I had a great time shopping for prizes with about $400 donated by several supporters, plus a fly rod from Trout Unlimited. I heard it was a beautiful morning for fishing, until it got hot! (I’ve seen it snow on fishing derby day!!). Only 47 kids showed up to fish but they all had fun and everyone got prizes. Ms. Sierra Novy caught the first fish, I’m still trying to get the names for the top three largest trout, and Nathan Daymud caught the largest non-trout.

Misc.: Hunter Education classes start June 22nd – if there are any parents interested in becoming an instructor please get ahold of our Chief Instructor, Trevin Roletto at 253-569-1008 in South Cle Elum, or Aaron Garcia in Yakima at 509-575-2740. Sign up for classes on-line at: www.wdfw.wa.gov/hunting/hunter education.
At the next Board of Director’s meeting we will discuss options for a scholarship for a High School Senior in Kittitas County. Any ideas on qualification criteria can be sent here or brought to the meeting.
Steve Douglas has helped arrange for a speaking engagement by Lobbyist Adeena Hicks, founder of “Protect Our Gun Rights”. She will talk on progress to stop I-594 at the Hal Holmes Center, 7 pm on June 18th. Our club is co-sponsoring her program and donated toward her expenses. It should be a very interesting program.
We’ve had some correspondence from Abeyta-Nelson regarding the Taylor Bridge Fire lawsuit – It is looking pretty good that we will realize a fairly hefty reimbursement for our damages. Hopefully this will be resolved in short order.

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May 2015 Newsletter

RANGE:  The work party turned out great with 17 members coming out to help with a variety of projects. We now have a Building Committee who are planning a lean-to off the new pole building for a place to put the generator. Rick Vaughn will chair this committee. At the meeting last night we had a Target Committee formed who will develop more and better ideas for targets and target stands on the range. Anyone interested in helping on any committees please let me know. Current members on this committee are Dan Pensula (Chair), Mike Cox, Ron Poplawski, Steve Douglas, and Chuck Dougherty. Mike Cox made a motion to have a lunch/BBQ/potluck after each work party in an effort to have some fun instead of just working. We could even have a .22 fun shoot. Mike would like to have a “Show & Tell” session after the monthly meeting – last night he brought along some items made from cartridge brass that he called “trench art”. We all agreed it was a great idea and a way to get everyone better acquainted.

A load of gravel has been delivered to the range for use around the containers and the generator pad. Mark and Chris Cruse have been talking with an engineer about the grading permit – hopefully we can get the Operating Engineers out there this year. Also, the article in the Daily Record (Ellensburg) this week stated, incorrectly, that we would be open July 1st for public shooting. That is when the State RCO Grant is activated – we will have two years to build our project with that money before we can be approved and open for the public.

INSURANCE: The Board has approved switching to a new insurance coverage that will cost less for more coverage. The new pole building will be insured along with the contents of the containers. Mark is checking into Officer’s and Director’s insurance as well. Our liability coverage will be the same as before protecting club members from liability.

Website: Members have agreed that we should keep the original domain name cascadefieldandstream.org as it is still current for another 3 years. It was decided we should obtain cascadefieldandstream.com to keep anyone else from using it and confusing people. Actually, if you look up the .com it already redirects you to the .org site.

Misc.: We are still looking for volunteers to help with the annual kid’s fishing derby at Lavender Lake on June 6th.  And, if anyone wants to donate a prize or cash to buy prizes, contact Mark at 509-670-1464.

Hunter Education classes start in June – if there are any parents interested in becoming an instructor please get ahold of our Chief Instructor, Trevin Roletto at 253-569-1008 in South Cle Elum, or Aaron Garcia in Yakima at 509-575-2740. Sign up for classes on-line at: www.wdfw.wa.gov/hunting/hunter education.

Member Tom Saffle developed a beautiful new fishing derby flyer and it is being posted all over the county.

Spread the word and get the kids out fishing on June 6th at Lavender Lake.

Steve Rogers, V.P.